eBottles Aquires Greenlane Holdings Pollen Gear and Kush Concentrate Jars

ebottles aquires greenlane holdings product line-1

eBottles, a leading supplier of rigid, child-resistant packaging to the legal cannabis industry, has acquired the concentrate packaging line of products from Greenlane Holdings. This move expands eBottles’ product offering to include popular Pollen Gear and Kush concentrate jars and closures and its own line of patented concentrate jars.

The acquisition means that previous Greenlane customers who relied on Pollen Gear and Kush concentrate jars and closures for their packaging needs will now have to turn to eBottles to obtain these products. It remains to be seen how this acquisition will impact the overall packaging landscape of the legal cannabis industry. Still, it is clear that eBottles is positioning itself as a strong player in this space.

It is possible that the acquisition of Greenlane Holdings’ concentrate packaging line of products by eBottles could result in price changes or shipping process modifications for customers. These changes could occur due to differences in manufacturing processes, transportation costs, or distribution channels between the two companies.

On the one hand, eBottles may be able to leverage its larger scale and production capabilities to drive down costs and offer more competitive pricing to customers. This could be especially true if eBottles is able to integrate Greenlane’s packaging products into its existing manufacturing processes, resulting in economies of scale and increased efficiency.

On the other hand, shipping processes may be affected due to changes in distribution channels or logistics. Customers may need to adjust to new shipping timelines or processes, which could result in longer lead times or higher shipping costs.

Overall, it is difficult to predict exactly how price changes or shipping processes may be affected by the acquisition. However, customers should be aware that there may be some adjustments required as eBottles integrates the new product line into its operations.

While there may be some adjustments required, previous customers now have access to a more extensive line of concentrate packaging solutions in the market. For those in need of high-quality and customizable packaging solutions for the legal cannabis industry, cooljarz.com is another great option to consider. Cooljarz offers a variety of innovative packaging solutions designed to meet the unique needs of cannabis businesses, including child-resistant jars and containers, custom branding options, and more.

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