The Best Way to Apply Shrink Sleeve Labels to your Pre-Roll Tubes

the best way to apply shrink sleeve labels to your pre roll tubes

If you’re a business owner in the pre-roll industry you know how important it is to stand out from your competition. One way we do this is through our labels and packaging. One problem many businesses have however is the sheer tediousness of applying labels to their pre-roll tubes.

Good news, a fast and efficient mechanism has been developed to quickly label your pre-roll packaging in mere seconds per tube. This device has many names but can simply be described as a shrink sleeve labeling machine, or more specifically, the CoolJarz SST.

What is a Shrink Sleeve Label?

A shrink sleeve label is a packaging label that, when heated, wraps and adheres to a product or container. It’s basically a label that doesn’t need a glue or adhesive! The benefit of this form of labeling is that this method allows for more customization of your packaging and can be applied in a quicker process.

How to Apply a Shrink Sleeve Label

The usual process for shrink sleeve labels for pre-roll packaging usually involves:

  1. Designing your shrink sleeve label
  2. Printing your shrink-sleeve labels
  3. Wrapping your labels around your pre-roll packaging.
  4. Applying Heat to your labels, shrinking them to stick to your pre-roll packaging.

In many cases, this is more easily said than done, but with the CoolJarz SST labeling machine, the process becomes as easy as that.

The CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine Versus Other Shrink Sleeve Applicators

CoolJarz SST shrink sleeve labeling machine

The CoolJarz Shrink Sleeve Machine works better from other shrink sleeve application methods because it was made specifically to work with various joint tubes to guarantee a quick and efficient process.

The label machine is also extremely easy to use. Just follow these few steps:

  1. Screw on the steam head
  2. Fill the 2 gallon bottle tank with tap water.
  3. Place the bottle into the slot on top of the SST
  4. Plug in and turn the Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine on.
  5. Wait about 30 seconds for the water to heat up.
  6. Put your sleeve over your packaging
  7. Drop the package through the tube.

Here’s a quick video to see the process:

Other Shrink Sleeve Machines are either too slow or bulky for the average pre-roll company. The beauty of the CoolJarz SST is its compact design you can use almost anywhere and produces results just as if not faster than bulky factory machines.

Heat guns take time to apply the shrink sleeves to packaging and you often risk burning and hurting yourself with them. They can also unevenly heat the sleeves resulting in bubbles and a distorted label.

Other Steam Tunnels can often be very expensive, don’t get the job done right, or take up too much space. Plus, those probably weren’t made specifically thinking of pre-roll tubes in mind.

The Problem With Pre-roll Sticker Labels

Sticker labels are very common with packaging and may be your first when deciding to label your packaging. These are fine if you are trying to do the bare minimum in labeling.

Reasons to Choose a Shrink Sleeve over a Sticker Label

  • Look Professional
  • Cost Efficient Production
  • Stand Out from the Competition
  • Easy to Recycle

Look Professional with Shrink Sleeve Labels

Pure Leaf Shrink Sleeve Bottle label

Many young businesses in this industry want to use stickers hand-applied stickers to their j-tubes. This is okay if you are going for a DIY look.

However, at a certain point, consumers want to know your products are the real deal. Shrink sleeve labels are difficult to copy and recreate if you aren’t the original creator. Stop counterfeit brands from copying your look with a shrink sleeve label.

Cost Efficient Production

Switching over from sticker labels to custom shrink sleeves will save you tons of time and money for your business. Why? You’re saving hours of work applying the labels how you want them.

Checkout this video showing just how fast the SST shrink sleeve machine is compared to hand applying a sticker label.

As you can see, it takes some time evenly apply a sticker. Even after applying the sticker, many pre-rolls are required to have shrink band seal anyways which could take even longer with a heat gun. Take away the middleman and get a label that acts as a seal and full cover branding label all in one.

Full Body Product Branding

deli-twists-shrink sleeve pre-roll tube with watermark

One of the biggest reasons companies switch over from sticker labels to shrink sleeves is that with shrink sleeves, you can brand your packaging exactly how you want it.

With shrink sleeves, you have the capability of using almost the entire outside surface of your pre-roll container for branding. How so? Shrink sleeves can conform to any container no matter the shape.

This is a huge advantage versus most sticker labels that are wasting precious real estate on their products. As you can see here, a lot of the package is going unused because sticker labels cannot wrap as smoothly as shrink sleeves.


the best way to apply shrink sleeve labels to your pre roll tubes

The way you label your pre-roll products is an important decision in creating a well-known brand. Shrink sleeve labels offer a way to stand out in front of the competition in a much more cost-efficient way.

Applying your custom shrink sleeve labels to your pre-roll tubes has never been easier than with the CoolJarz SST shrink sleeve labeling machine. This machine is compact, inexpensive, and gets results exponentially faster than the competition.

If you’d like to purchase a CoolJarz SST Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine, you can click here. If you have any questions about the CoolJarz SST or pre-roll packaging, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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