Pop Top Tubes for Pre-Rolls

The Industry of Pre-Rolls and Edibles is growing fast and every distributor or brand is thinking “My products are great, but what should I do for packaging?” Pop Top Tubes may be your answer. But choosing the right pop-top tube for your product may be a little more complicated.

What Are Pop-Top Tubes?

Pop Top Tubes are one of the many different terms we use for certain Pre-Roll Containers. These pre-roll containers stand out from your regular joint containers because they are more child-resistant.

The way you open a pop-top container, you squeeze a specific part of the tube allowing the top to “pop” open. Very simple but also makes the tube more difficult for small children to accidentally open.

Uses for Pop Top Tubes

Pop-top tubes can actually have many uses you wouldn’t even think of. We obviously like to use pop-tops for standard pre-rolls but there are many more.

Depending on the size of the pop-top tube and product, you can use pop-top containers for blunts, edibles, syringes, or just about anything you can fit inside.

These child-resistant tubes are great for this industry because companies such as CoolJarz, make sure they are State compliant and generally safer for those with kids or pets.

Be careful though, not every pre-roll tube supplier follows state and FDA regulations so if you plan on running a professional business, make sure they are!

Different Sizes of Pop-Top Bottles

Different Sizes of Pop-Top Tubes for joints blunts edibles carts

If you’re looking to purchase pop-top containers, you’re probably thinking first about the size. The size of your pop-top tube is important because it will determine just what or how much of your product you can fit inside.

It doesn’t make much sense to spend more on pre-roll packaging that’s much larger than the joints you’re going to put inside. That is unless you plan on fitting multiple joints or blunts into each “doob tube” which many do.

We recommend getting a tube that has just enough space to easily slide your joint out. Below is our recommendation of what size or how many pre-rolls should be in each tube.

98mm Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tube

98 mm Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tube black
  • About 1-2 Pre-Rolls
  • Or 0.5ml-1.0ml Vape Carts

109mm Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tube

109 mm Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tube white
  • Fits 3-5 Pre-Rolls
  • Fits 0.5ml-1.0ml Vape Carts

Made in The USA vs Imported

When purchasing pop-top tubes for your business, it can make a huge difference choosing between an American-made pre-roll pop-top tube versus an imported one.

Pre-Roll Tube Regulations

According to Leafly.com, “. Cannabis companies must ensure that their packages are tamper-proof, child-proof, and in accordance with their local laws.” This can severely affect businesses who import their packaging from abroad that aren’t as in-tuned with local laws.

FDA regulations, regulations on different kinds of plastic, and child safety are all things to think about when making your choice of pop-top tubes. Knowing your products are certified can save you a headache later down the line.

Lead Times for Pop-Top Tubes

When choosing a pop-top tube supplier you of course want your pre-roll packaging as soon as possible. Many “American” pre-roll packaging companies will sell you joint tubes made abroad they bought themselves.

This not only leads to waiting for shipments often but also you’re unnecessarily working with a middleman. Buying from a Made in The USA pop-top tube company can make all the difference in receiving your orders fast and on time.

Custom Labels for Pop-Top Tubes

4-pre-roll-packaging-tubes-with-custom-shrink-sleeve-labels- pop-tops

If you’re looking at purchasing pop-top tubes your next step may be getting labels to go with them. Labels are great because they tell your customers just who you are and the quality they are getting with your products.

Getting a custom-designed label for your pop-top tubes is a great option for business owners who really want to brand their products. This also stops other companies from knocking them off.

Another advantage of getting a label with your pop-top tube is that you have the option to turn the label into a tamper-evident seal to let you know if it has been previously opened or not.

Some states require a tamper-evident seal on pre-roll packaging so if you’re able to get both in one, it’s probably worth it.

Where to Get Pop-Top Tubes

Pop-top tubes and other child-resistant packaging are becoming a staple in the pre-roll packaging industry. If you are trying to be a legitimate business these tubes are essential.

If you’re looking for child-resistant pop-top tubes for pre-rolls and cartridges made here in the USA, visit CoolJarz.com to see our selection of packaging. If you have any questions about pre-roll packaging or anything else, Contact Us! We’re happy to help in any way!

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