Pre-Roll Packaging Tubes in California

pre roll tubes in california

Are you a business owner in California and looking for a reliable nearby, plastic pre-roll packaging supplier? Look no further, Cooljarz by Earthwise Packaging is right next door! Cooljarz is a packaging company that specializes in plastic containers for pre-rolls, edibles, cartridges and more!

One of the reasons why Cooljarz is the best pre-roll packaging supplier in California is because we make all of our tubes right here. Our facility is located in Tustin, Southern California which makes it easy to manufacture, ship, and even pick up our plastic containers.

Manufacturer – Factory Direct Pre-Roll Containers in California

The state of California is a bit of a step ahead of many other states when it comes to cannabis businesses. With medical and recreational dispensaries and brands popping up everywhere around the state, the convenience of buying locally can have great advantages to give you a step above the competition.

Inexpensive Child Resistant Containers Made in USA

child resistant pop top 116mm pre-roll tube container for blunts joints

Cooljarz are experts in producing pre-roll tubes and that’s how we can efficiently produce high-quality plastic tubes in California, at a cost lower than our competition. Our pre-roll tubes come in many of the industry-standard sizes such as our 98mm as well as 116mm. These tube sizes are extremely common for carrying 1-2 joints, blunts, or cones depending on the size you get. These tubes are also great for cannabis alternatives such as CBD Hemp pre rolls as well as Delta 8.

However, those aren’t even our only sizes. We have over a hundred different sizes and shapes of containers to choose from to best fit your needs. They even come in different colors such as black, white, green, or even purple.

If you need something child-resistant such as a pop-top tube, no problem we have that. We also have screw tops and foil sealed tubes. Depending on your cannabis packaging needs, we got them.

Always in Stock – Local Shipping Times and Pick Up


For one, with our factory and base of operations located in Southern California, we rarely ever run out of stock. This is unlike many other California cannabis packaging companies that have their products made abroad and have you waiting for their shipment to arrive by boat.

If you’re located in California, you can expect your order to come in as fast as a day even. We ship anywhere from a single box of pre-roll tubes to an entire truckload if needed. Try doing that with companies who just don’t have the inventory and can’t make it themselves.

If you want your order now. Come pick it up! We’re located in Tustin, California and we’re open for pickup Monday through Friday.

Brand Your Pre-Roll Tubes

Cooljarz doesn’t just supply you with your pre-roll tubes, we also allow you to fully brand your product. How? Through fully customized shrink sleeve labels of course. Cooljarz has custom shrink sleeve label design services that make it easy to get your brand onto your pre-roll tubes.

Never thought about branding your products? We definitely recommend it. Having your own logo and design shows your customers who you are and separates you from the competition.

Not a designer? No problem, our design team will work with you to come up with something that you can truly say is yours and no-one else’s.

Got Your Shrink Sleeve Labels?

If you have shrink sleeve labels and you’re ready to apply them to your pre-roll tubes, Cooljarz also has our very own shrink sleeve label machine so you can have your pre-roll tubes, their labels, and label applicator all in one place.

Our SST Shrink Sleeve machine is one of a kind and made specifically to apply shrink sleeve labels to your pre-roll tubes faster than anything else on the market.


If you’re a cannabis company located in or near California, make things easy on yourself and shop locally with Cooljarz. Not many suppliers have their entire inventory made in-house. Get your orders in less than a day with local pick up or shipped as fast as possible.

Cooljarz is a one-stop-shop for cannabis businesses looking for containers. We have containers and tubes for flower, pre-rolls, cartridges, edibles, and even seed vials. To place an order, visit our website at or if you have any questions, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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