Where to Get 60 Dram Plastic Containers for a Half Ounce of Cannabis

Where to Get Plastic Containers for Half Ounces of Cannabis. 60 dram bottle

Are you in the cannabis industry and need to package your flower to sell? Looking for a cheaper alternative to glass jars? You should be looking at Cooljarz plastic containers. We have bottles and vials of all sizes for holding cannabis flower, including our 60 dram for half ounces.

Our containers are made here in the USA and we are the manufacturers so our half-ounce containers are always in stock. Cooljarz are experts in packaging for the cannabis industry and are able to get you containers for your cannabis products at an affordable price.

Factory Direct – Whole Sale – Made in USA

We at Cooljarz are the true experts in cannabis packaging because we make all of our half-ounce containers ourselves in-house right here in Southern California. That’s how we are able to stay updated with cannabis laws across different states and produce our containers in compliance with them.

This also means you’re getting Factory Direct prices when you buy in bulk. Did I mention the convenience of fast shipping and lead times? Most orders placed in the United States can expect their orders to arrive within 1-5 business days.

No matter the amount either. Because we produce our own half-ounce containers, you can order anywhere from a single box of 60 dram pop tops to a whole truck full!

Child-Resistant Pop Top Design

child-resistant-half-ounce-bottle-pop-top-design-60 dram

According to Leafly.com, “. Cannabis companies must ensure that their packages are tamper-proof, child-proof, and in accordance with their local laws.” This can drastically affect businesses that import their packaging from abroad that aren’t in tune with state laws.

Our half-ounce 60 dram’s pop top design is a simple but effective feature that stops small children from opening your containers. This is especially helpful when storing edibles that could look like normal candy in them.

Opening a 60-dram pop-top is simple, just squeeze the top part of the bottle where indicated, and the container’s top should pop up just as the name indicates.

Variety of In-Stock and Custom Colors

Variety of In-Stock and Custom Colors for 60 dram half oz containers

We also have these half-ounce containers in multiple stock colors such as black, green, purple, and white. Our stock colors are all opaque but if you would like to get a translucent colored bottle or a different opaque color contact us and we can make those as well with minimum purchase.

Custom Brand Your Containers

Cooljarz not only provides the containers for your flower, but you can even brand them with your very own custom shrink sleeve labels. That means you can get a full-body custom label with your logo and design on each one of your half-ounce jars.

If you’re not a designer or don’t have a design at all, no worries. We have our own design team that will work with you to create something out of nothing that represents you.


There are a lot of cannabis containers on the market but not many cannabis container companies can provide everything you’re getting when partnering with Cooljarz. To get your child resistant 60 dram half-ounce pop-top bottles, go to CoolJarz.com. We also have 60-dram containers with removable caps as well here. CoolJarz are experts in cannabis packaging and we likely have a container that will fit your needs.

If you have any questions about our cannabis packaging containers or our packaging machines, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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