How Do You Open A Pre-Roll Tube?

how to open a pre roll tube

How to open a pre-roll tube may sound like a simple question. However, we can understand the confusion! Pre-Roll tubes today are made to be child-resistant. There are more ways than ever to protect your pre-rolls.

Sometimes you’re doing something for the first time, and you need a little guidance. That’s where Pre-Roll Packaging USA comes in to save the day. So this is how to open the different kinds of Pre-Roll Tubes.

How To Open a Pre-Roll Tube?

how to open a pre roll tube

Opening a pop-top tube is pretty self-explanatory but if you’ve never heard the name before, you can be confused as to how to open the container. This is because the lid doesn’t have the flap you would normally expect from a tube container.

This is to make the tube more child-resistant and safe. To open the cannabis container, simply squeeze the top of the container right under the lid. Some pre-roll tubes will have more resistance than others so if you’ve got a tough one, try using both hands to open them. Expect a pop!

How to Open a Push and Turn Bottle?

13-dram-push-and-turn-vial-black-how to open

Another self-explanatory name, but you have to know what you have before you see how easy the process is. Another child-resistant method of storing your cannabis flower, these containers are similar to that of a bottle of aspirin.

Cooljarz Push and Turn bottles have instructions on how to open them right on the cap itself, but if you have another brand, what are you doing? Anyways, to open these, simply push down on the center of the cap, and turn counterclockwise. Then voila, your cannabis vial is open!

How to Open a Locking Jar?

How to Open a Dram Locking Container?

The Cooljarz CRRXWear dram locking containers feature a lock and key for the ultimate protection in these plastic bottles. You can store anything from flower, to concentrate in these and you won’t have to worry about anyone getting into them.

Obviously, to open these, you’ll need the key associated with the lock for them. If you don’t have the key, you might be out of luck. Hopefully, you know a locksmith because those are sealed tight.

How to Open a Cannabis Pre Roll Tube Conclusion

Easier than you thought right? We at Pre Roll Packaging USA and specialize in creating and distributing child-safe and child-resistant cannabis tubes and containers. If you’d like to get some for your business, visit If you have any other questions, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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