New California Cannabis Health-Warning Label Requirement

New California Cannabis Health-Warning Label Requirement

According to MJ Business Daily, health warning labels will be required for all cannabis products sold in California starting January 3rd. This mandate is due to Proposition 65, a California law passed in 1986, which requires the State to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects and call for the placement of consumer warnings on all product labels that contain any of the chemicals on the list.

This requirement obviously opens the doors to many potential lawsuits in the industry if enforced. Liability usually falls with the manufacturer of the products sold. However, it would still be possible for retailers to take the fall as well.

Although this requirement may come to a shock to some, many in the cannabis industry have already seen this requirement coming and have been providing warning labels ever since legalization.

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However, the requirement starting on January 3rd only gives cannabis companies a couple of weeks to get their products state compliant. The good news is that the short form version of the warning can easily be added to any current labels and simply has to say “WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –”

At the moment, we believe getting the word out and spreading this information to as many in the cannabis industry as soon as possible is extremely important to help avoid potential lawsuits.

As a cannabis packaging company in California, it is Cooljarz job to be informed on these matters and provide solutions to these obstacles. If you’re a cannabis manufacturer looking for a custom label designer to either: get these warning labels on your products, or to fully brand your products with your own custom label. Contact Us!

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