California Court Bans Cannabis Billboard Advertising on All Highways That Cross State Line

California Court Bans Cannabis Billboard Advertising on All Highways That Cross State Line

According to, “The San Luis Obispo County Superior Court recently granted a petition to ban almost all outdoor cannabis advertising on more than 4,000 miles of California highways.”

This ban is following a case was brought by county resident Matthew Farmer, who claimed the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s interpretation of Proposition 64 would unnecessarily expose him and his teenage children to cannabis advertising.

As part of Proposition 64, which legalized the recreational use of cannabis in California, there was also a rule that “prohibits licensed cannabis businesses from “advertis[ing] or market[ing] on a billboard or similar advertising device located on an Interstate Highway or on a State Highway which crosses the California border.”

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What this means for Cannabis companies in California could be the end to cannabis advertising. However, since this is a fairly new discussion, I personally believe this won’t go unchallenged.

Out of experience from the cannabis billboard advertising I’ve seen myself, much of it is discreet, and opens up the table for discussing what should and should not be allowed.

There may be a large portion of Californians who don’t want cannabis advertising shown in broad daylight as well as others who simply don’t mind.

One thing’s for sure, this poses as another tough obstacle for the many Californian cannabis companies to overcome along with many other regulations they are currently dealing with.

In my opinion, it is regulations like these that encourage an illegal black market to thrive but you can’t ignore the many concerns of those who would like these regulations set forth.

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