Get the Least Expensive 116mm Pre-Roll Tubes In Bulk Wholesale

116mm cheap inexpensive pre-roll Tubes astm certified made in usa

The 116mm Pre-Roll Tube is one of the most popular sizes on the doob tube market. Because the 116mm is the industry standard, there is a high demand for them. However, when buying these j-tubes in bulk, you’re probably going to want the lowest possible price you can find for them.

That’s why CoolJarz has priced their 116mm pre-roll tubes lower than some of the largest players on the market. We want to be the cannabis industry’s number 1 choice when it comes to these 116mm joint tubes and our pricing actually rewards those who buy more.

At the moment, our 116mm pre-roll tubes can go as low as $.063 with a large enough order quantity. If you’d only like a single box quantity, each tube runs about 10 cents each. This is what we mean when we say we reward large buyers. Our 116mm pre-roll tubes are always in-stock and are sold in other colors as well, such as black or white, green and purple. Custom colors are also available if needed, you can also brand our 116mm pre-roll tube with an additional professional custom shrink sleeve label.

Inexpensive Pre Roll Tubes, High Quality

plastic Black 116mm pre-roll Tubes doob tubes j-tubes

The 116mm pre-roll tube, sometimes called a j-tube, is a plastic joint container made for carrying a variety of cannabis products such as joints, blunts, and even carts. 116mm is a popular size because it can usually hold longer joints with no problem but still not oversized for shorter blunts as well.

Our 116mm comes in opaque and translucent colors such as black, white, green, purple, and blue. If you’d like another color, we also do custom color matching with a minimum order purchase.

Our 116mm pre-roll tubes are also part of Cooljarz’s Eco-Lite line of packaging that uses about 50% less plastic than our competitors. This also makes our tubes less expensive to make and those savings get passed on to you.

Child Resistant ASTM Certified 116mm Pre-Roll Tubes

Black 116mm pre-roll Tubes astm certified made in usa

Even though our 116mm pre roll tubes are cheap, they still have high quality in terms of materials used as well as design. Cooljarz by Earthwise pre-roll tubes are industry standard, state compliant, and ASTM certified.

This makes each one of them legal for sale and distribution. These doob tubes are also FDA approved and do not contain BPA’s. This makes them safe for consumers to use, re-use, and even repurpose as everyday containers.

The 116mm pop top design makes them child-resistant to protect children from getting into them. Although they are child resistant, opening them is as easy as squeezing the tube. This makes our tubes easy for adults with arthritis to open as well.

Inexpensive Factory Direct Wholesale 116mm Pre-Roll Tubes

We can sell our 116mm pre-roll tubes at such a low price only because we are the manufacturer and our factory is located right here in the USA. This means we’re not just resellers, upping the price from products abroad. We’re generating all of our own products so we don’t have to pay high shipping fees or tariffs. These savings get passed on to you when buying with us.

116mm Tamper-Evident Branding Pre-Roll Shrink Sleeve Labels

Black 116mm Tapered Tamper-Evident Branding Pre-Roll Shrink Sleeve Labels

If you’re thinking of getting 116mm pre-roll tubes, you also have the option to get your very own tamper-evident custom shrink sleeve label to go along with it. This is great for companies that want to put their own branding on their pre-roll products. Cooljarz has label templates located on their website specifically for this tube size for you to add your own design. 

No need to be a graphic designer either. Cooljarz’s design team is happy to create something with your ideas in mind to truly show off your brand.

These shrink sleeves can also include a tamper evident perforated tear that will alert your customers if somebody has opened their pre-roll tube. These tamper-evident seals are required by many states so adding them directly to your labels makes the packaging process that much easier.

Where to get Inexpensive 116mm Pre Roll Tubes

116mm pre-roll tubes are some of the most popular on the market. Why pay more for packaging that you’re going to need to keep your business afloat? Get one of the cheapest made in the USA, 116mm pre-roll tubes on the market at 

If you need other colors, sizes, or just about anything related to pre-roll and cartridge packaging, explore the rest of our website. Finally if you have any questions, Contact Us! We’re happy to answer anything you need.

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