A&A Global Operations Under Boyne Capital


Back in September of 2021, the packaging company A&A Global Imports was purchased by private equity firm Boyne Capital. A&A Global Imports operates as the forefront cannabis affiliated company Marijuana Packaging. Since then the firm has acquired the company Aphecal Enterprises, Inc. which operated under the monikers 420 Packaging, Smoke Cones, and Humidity Packs.

Boyne Managing CEO, Derek McDowell has said, “A&A is committed to pursuing strategic acquisitions where it can leverage its robust supply chain and marketing expertise to drive growth. This statement holds true when visiting the Marijuana Packaging website as evidenced by its vast catalog of products.

Boyne Capital’s Influence on MarijuanaPackaging.com

Marijuana Packaging currently carries everything from cannabis packaging to smoking accessories and grow machinery. The company’s website even has a full blog and industry news section. For a company selling just about every cannabis affiliated product but the substance itself, Marijuana Packaging seems to have just about all the bases covered.

Boyne Capital states on their website that they “specialize in providing the capital and care necessary to fund corporate growth and facilitate owners’ and shareholders’ goals.” so it should be interesting to see what moves A&A Global can now make with this new resource for them. With the buyout of Aphecal Enterprises, they not only lose a competitor but gain an American manufacturer of products already prevalent on their Marijuana Packaging website.

Future Collaborations for A&A Global

I don’t see many notable opportunities for partnerships with the other companies within Boyne Capital’s portfolio outside of their health supplement company Double Wood, which could be a great mutual relationship between the two. Double Wood carries traditional and alternative supplements but hasn’t ventured into the cannabis sector at all.

On the other hand, most of the jars and containers Double Wood uses aren’t currently carried by Marijuana Packaging. However, a supplying partner would not be difficult to find for the dispensary packaging store. With this new capital, I see A&A acquiring even more assets to add to their model and this is only the beginning.

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