What Makes it Cannabis or Marijuana Packaging

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Packaging for cannabis is a particular type of packaging that must meet specific requirements to classify as cannabis packaging. Without these requirements met, those containers are no longer cannabis packaging, and for many entities and businesses, they’re essentially useless.

Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis or Marijuana Packaging for many states and countries must reach specific child-resistant standards to be legally sold. This is one of the most recurring regulations on all cannabis products. It’s definitely a pain point for many emerging cannabis businesses.

Marijuana packaging must also appeal to the consumer. Brands are finding more and more creative ways to stand out from the rest of the competition through their packaging. Each container usually tells the story of the brand and how they wish to be perceived.

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Cannabis Packaging’s Target Demographics

Cannabis packaging can be made of everything from plastic to glass and even tin cans. Labels go from minimalist to extravagant and there is no right or wrong answer. We’ve reached an interesting point in the cannabis industry where the business doesn’t have a single unifying aesthetic.

Weed is and has been for the people and with that, many demographics and subcultures can bond around it. The story being told is up to the user and many consumers will usually follow brands that they believe they can identify with.

Where To Get Packaging for Cannabis?

If you’re an emerging cannabis brand, I’d recommend you visit CoolJarz.com for your cannabis packaging needs. They have a wide selection of child-resistant packaging for the cannabis industry. This includes small containers for flower and edibles and pre-roll tubes for blunts and joints.