Dram Container Sizes for Cannabis Flower

Dram Container Sizes for Cannabis Flower

CoolJarz.com has a wide variety of cannabis flower containers for keeping cannabis flower packaged in a convenient bottle for carrying. If you’ve ever tried looking for the flower containers you usually see in dispensaries, you’ve likely ran into the word “dram.”

If you’ve never encountered the word before, you’re probably asking what is or how much is a dram? This article is to help give you an idea of what and how much a dram is and what size dram vial or bottle you should get for your cannabis flower packaging needs.

What is a Dram?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a dram as “a unit of weight in the avoirdupois system equal to one sixteenth of an ounce” so its a unit of measurement. What’s important however, is that it’s a unit of measurement often associated with cannabis flower containers. One dram is about 1 teaspoon but converting that to cannabis flower is kind of tricky.

How Much Cannabis Flower Can a Dram Container Hold?

Cannabis flower is usually bought in small RX bottles in dispensaries. The sizes of these bottles can go from anywhere from 2 dram container to a 60 dram bottle and everything in-between. However, what’s the best sizes to get for distributing cannabis flower?

Well, it’s not an exact science. Some dispensaries will have a few container sizes to fit some of the most common portions. It’s preferred to have some extra space in your dram bottles so the flower doesn’t look stuffed in there.

Some of the most common cannabis weights for selling are:

  • A Gram: One of the most common units of measurement for cannabis. This is when the flower weighs 1 gram. For customers not willing to spend much or need much. A gram equates to about 1-4 joints depending on the size of the paper. Some customers will buy a couple grams of flower instead springing for an eighth so larger containers that can hold more than a gram will be more convenient.
  • An Eighth: An eighth refers to 1/8th of an ounce or 3.5 grams. Many regular smokers will purchase an eighth so keeping containers in stock should be a priority.
  • A Quarter: Twice the amount of an eighth, 7 grams.
    • Best container Size: 30 Dram bottle
  • A Half: Twice the amount of a quarter. 14 grams.
    • Best Container Size: 60 Dram container
  • Ounce: Twice the amount of a half, 28 grams. Many states prohibit carrying more than an ounce on hand without a license so you most likely won’t be distributing more than this amount at any given time.

We don’t currently have any containers that will fit a full ounce so we recommend either using two 60 dram containers or using one of our 105 dram containers which holds about 3/4 quarters of an ounce and a 30 dram.


There you have it! You now know what a dram is and which dram containers you’ll likely need for distributing your cannabis flower. However, these container sizes aren’t absolute and if you feel like another dram size works better for what you do, go for it. CoolJarz has Dram bottles of all sizes, even ones not listed in this article.

If you’re looking to get Dram Containers for your business, check out CoolJarz.com. If you were looking into getting eco-friendly, plant-based jars, Earthwise Packaging can be your one-stop-shop. If you have any questions about cannabis packaging, vape oil cartridges, or just about anything we do, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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