Bulk Wholesale Plastic Vape Cartridge Tubes and Containers

white 68mm vape cartridge tubes factory direct made in usa astm certified

Cooljarz Vape Cartridge tubes are made specifically to protect your vape cartridges making them easy to distribute and sell. We have plastic vape cartridge tubes to fit some of the most popular 510 pen-style vape cartridges on the market.

All of our vape cartridge packaging is Made in the USA. We are the manufacturer! Our factory is located right here in Southern California so you know you’re getting fast lead times and fast shipping.

Our vape cartridge tubes are always-in-stock and sold in opaque black, white, purple, green or blue. We also have translucent versions of those colors as well. If you’d like another color please let us know and we can manufacture them for you with a minimum order purchase. 

All About Our Vape Cartridge Tubes

All About Our Vape Cartridge Tubes
white 68mm vape cartridge tubes factory direct made in usa astm certified

The vape cartridge tubes, also known as a cart tubes, are plastic cartridge containers made specifically for storing pen-shaped vape cartridges. Each of our oil vape cartridge tubes is able to hold about 1 narrow wax cartridge per container. Our oil cartridge tubes are made to fit some of the most popular sizes of cartridges. Including most .5ml and 1ml carts.

Most atomizer carts will also fit our plastic cartridge containers. These tubes are thin enough to not prevent a lot of loose shaking with standard-sized pre-roll tubes.

All of our vape cartridges feature a child-resistant pop-top design. This makes these tubes difficult for kids to open, easy for adults. CoolJarz also has a more environmentally friendly EcoLite line of vaporizer cartridge tubes that uses about 50% less plastic than our competitors.

Our tubes come in translucent and opaque colors. This is because some customers would like to see the product while others prefer a little more discretion. If you do not see a color you’d like in stock, we are able to do custom colors with a minimum order purchase!

Child Resistant ASTM Certified Vape Cartridge Tubes

white 68mm vape cartridge tubes made in usa astm certified

Cooljarz by Earthwise vape cart tubes are Made in the USA, State Compliant, and ASTM certified. This is how you know that your company and products are legal and safe for sale. Our containers are also FDA-approved and do not contain BPA’s. This makes them safe for consumers to use and re-use. Our tubes are odor sealed to protect consumer privacy. Their pop-top design makes it child-resistant, which helps protect the content from small children.

Buy Factory-Direct Made in The USA Vape Cartridge Tubes

vape cartridge tube where to get factory direct made in the usa black 68mm

What you get when buying vape cartridge tubes with Cooljarz is that we are the factory-direct manufacturer and all of our tubes are Made in USA. Cooljarz production facility is located in Tustin, Southern California so if you’re nearby, come check us out. This also means our products are always-in-stock, and you’re getting fast lead times for your vape cartridge packaging. Stop dealing with middleman companies when you can get factory-direct-prices and shipping from Cooljarz.

Various Container Sizes and Colors Available

various pop top pre-roll containers

The vape cartridge tubes are one of our most popular packaging solutions but we also offer a large selection of joint tubes available in different sizes and colors. That’s not all though. Cooljarz manufactures our own shrink sleeve label machine as well as an oil cartridge filling machine. Trying to reduce your carbon footprint even further? Check out our Ecolite line that uses about 50% less plastic than most other pre-roll containers on the market!

Tamper-Evident Branding for Vape Cartridges Shrink Sleeve Labels

Tamper-Evident Branding for Vape Cartridges Shrink Sleeve Labels

If you’re thinking of getting vape cartridge tubes, you also have the option to get your very own tamper-evident custom shrink sleeve label to go along with it. This is great for companies that want to put their own branding on their cartridges. Cooljarz has templates located on their website specifically for this tube size for you to add your own design. 

No design skills are required either. Cooljarz’s design team is happy to create something with your ideas in mind to truly show off your brand.

These shrink sleeves can also include a tamper-evident perforated tear that will alert your customers if somebody has opened their cartridge. These tamper-evident seals are required by many states so adding them directly to your labels makes the packaging process that much easier.

Where to get Vape Cartridge Tubes

white 68mm vape cartridge tubes custom shrink sleeve label where to get

Our cartridge tubes are great for oil carts, wax cartridges, and dab carts. 510 cartridges work great with our packaging. You want to make sure you’re getting your tubes from a company you can trust. To get made in the USA, inexpensive, vape cartridge tubes visit Cooljarz.com. 

If you need other colors, sizes, or just about anything related to pre-roll and cartridge packaging, explore the rest of our website. Finally, if you have any questions, Contact Us! We’re happy to answer anything you need.

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