Cannabis Packaging Company Collective Supply Disappears

what happened to collective supply

Who is Collective Supply?

Collective Supply started doing business in 2011 for the purpose of providing cannabis-specific packaging, supplies and accessories early on in the emerging California cannabis industry.

Collective Supply was one of many cannabis businesses that worked as a distributor of various child resistant cannabis packaging. This includes pre roll tubes, glass jars, and other containers you would normally expect a dispensary or cannabis brand would need to do business. Packaging produced overseas are often capitalized off of from American distributors due to their low price and American distributors would be able to negotiate contracts with these suppliers and cannabis brands as a convenient middle man for the two.

What Happened to Collective Supply?

However, recently the company’s website has disappeared off the net. The once prospering packaging website is no where to be found. This could possibly mean the company itself is no more. 

This comes at a tumultuous time in the cannabis packaging economy where many of these distributers have either been bought out by larger entities or have gone out of business all together. This could possibly be due to the raised tensions between the United States and China.

These distributors are at the mercy of the United States ever worrisome relations with the country. The situation is plagued with trouble importing and exporting products, tariffs, and getting product out of the docks.

Who are Alternatives to Collective Supply?

While the situation with Collective Supply is currently unknown, their absence will likely turn cannabis companies towards United States based cannabis packaging manufacturers such as CoolJarz Packaging

With several industries hitting rough points in the economy, the cannabis industry is also having their fair share of problems. It is possible Collective Supply is just the latest victim in the ever changing landscape.