Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands for Cannabis Products

tamper evident shrink bands for cannabis pre roll tubes

Tamper evident shrink bands are an important part of the cannabis industry. If a product is tamper-evident, it is designed to make it obvious if anyone has touched its contents. Full body tamper-evident shrink bands can give your products a shiny and professional layer that further protects your product against the elements versus not having one or a lid-only band.

tamper-evident-shrink-bands-for pre roll tubes

What Industries Use Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands

Tamper-evident shrink bands are a simple and often required way of sealing your consumer products to ensure they have not been priorly touched. Tamper evident shrink bands are used in a variety of sectors, but they are especially important within the food and drug industries in order to stay compliant with many state laws. For the safety and protection of a company’s products, all businesses with consumable products should be using tamper-evident shrink bands.

Full Body Tamper-Evident Bands for Pre Roll Tubes

Tamper-evident bands also give your consumers peace of mind knowing that you’re a reputable company that cares about your cannabis pre-roll tube‘s quality and your customer’s safety. Tamper evident bands can keep your pre-roll joints fresher by creating a tighter seal that could prevent air from escaping or liquids and debris from getting in. Full body bands can also help in protecting your product’s labels from getting damaged, especially if you are currently using paper-based sticker labels.

Inexpensive Tamper-Evidence Security and Compliance

In addition to delivering a secure way to protect your product, tamper-evident shrink bands provide an attractive and clean appearance to your packaging. This clean look is also inexpensive and you can easily get thousands of tamper-evident bands for your products at only a couple of cents each.


Tamper evident bands are a simple and inexpensive way to not only let your customers know your products are safe but will also improve the overall quality of your business. Tamper evidence is often a requirement in many states and countries for various industries and government bodies such as the FDA take these regulations very seriously. To get tamper-evident bands for your products, visit CoolJarz.com where we have tamper-evident bands in several different sizes.

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