Use Less Plastic With Eco-Friendly Pre-Roll Tubes

Use Less Plastic With Eco-Friendly Pre-Roll Tubes

Let’s face it, many containers in the cannabis industry are using way too much plastic for our own good. Every time a pre-roll or container of flower is sold to a customer, you’ve got to wonder if it’s going to recycled, reused, or go straight into the trash. Unfortunately, it’s usually the latter. Due to state restrictions, it’s often a requirement to have this packaging around cannabis products.

So what is there to do? Well, luckily there’s options when it comes to these containers. One of those more environmentally friendly options CoolJarz has found is simply to reduce. CoolJarz has developed their Eco-Lite line of pre roll tubes to do just that.

CoolJarz Eco-Lite line was developed because we found that the simplest way to reduce the amount of plastic at the lowest price is to just use less. The walls of our Eco-Lite line of containers and tubes are about 50% thinner than the most common tubes on the market. That’s 50% less plastic being used and it doesn’t cost consumers a cent more for a environmentally better option.

CoolJarz Eco-Friendly Pre Roll Tubes and Containers


Why go thinner? It just made sense. Regular pre-roll tubes and cannabis containers have thick walls for very little reason so we figured why not? Our Eco-Lite line of pre-roll tubes are made from a polypropylene plastic that is durable enough to do its job and more with less consumption. This means we’re using less plastic but we’re not sacrificing anything you need in a container.

Our containers are BPA-Free and FDA Approved so they are reusable and can be repurposed for whatever you can think of. If you don’t want to re-use them, then we encourage users to recycle them.

Eco-Friendly Container Cost

Black 116mm pre-roll Tubes astm certified made in usa

The huge factor in why many businesses opt to go with the less eco-friendly option is due to the higher price in environmentally sustainable materials. This is unattractive to the distributers as well as the consumers who just want to be more eco-conscious without spending so much extra to do so.

Reducing our plastic use was the best of both worlds because everybody’s using less plastic and it actually costs us less to make than regular containers. That doesn’t mean we’re providing a low quality container as all of our bottles and tubes are sleek but strong.

There are other “environmentally friendly” options out there but they aren’t without their own problems and after everything they weave through, the price is just too much for many distributers.

Packaging Locally Manufactured and Shipped From the USA

Use Less Plastic With Eco-Friendly Pre-Roll Tubes Made Locally

Another simple way CoolJarz tries reduces our carbon footprint is by being Made In The USA. The U.S. has certain environmental regulations that manufacturers abide by that are often higher in standard than countries abroad. Not only that, but since we’re local, we’re not wasting fuel transporting product from foreign manufacturers to the States and then finally to you.

We’re manufacturing our products ourselves right here in Southern California, and shipping them straight to you as soon as you order. That’s less boats crossing the ocean and less jets burning fuel.

Various Eco-Friendly Sizes and Colors Available

Eco-Lite eco-friendly line of sustainable plastic pre roll tubes

The our Eco-Lite line of pre-roll tubes is crafted so well, it’s easily become our customers preferred line of pre-roll tubes and containers. We offer these eco-conscious containers in a wide variety of sizes and colors for all needs. This includes popular sizes of 98mm and 116mm pre roll tubes as well as 30 and 19 dram flower bottles as well as many more.

Where to get More Sustainable Containers and Tubes

Use Less Plastic With Eco-Friendly Pre-Roll Tubes

CoolJarz Eco-Lite line was just a small way to become a little more eco-friendly but it shouldn’t stop there. It’s important to reduce, re-use, and recycle the plastic we use to make sure we’re getting the most out of what we’re using. If you’re interested in CoolJarz Eco-Lite Line for your business, click here!

If you have any questions about cannabis packaging or other sustainable options, feel free to Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have for us!

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