Lightweighting Your Plastic Containers

Lightweighting Your Plastic Containers

Lightweighting is a term often associated with replacing car components with lighter weight counterparts to increase fuel efficiency. However, this concept can be applied with most packaging as well. In many industries, people seem to relate jars and containers with thick heavy walls as more premium. However, obviously a jar is a jar and that kind of packaging ends up being wasteful for no apparent reason.

CoolJarz looked at this and saw that if you don’t have to use as much material, why would you? We created a series of containers that used less material while still being strong enough to do its job and with that, we reduce the use of plastics in our products and the industry.

CoolJarz EcoLite Containers

Lightweighting involves making materials lighter and that’s exactly what we did with our EcoLite line of cannabis containers. CoolJarz EcoLite packaging contains up to 50% less plastic than comparable containers and tubes on the market.

We did this because it really only made sense. Many plastic pre-roll tubes or flower vials were using thick plastic walls for no apparent reason. CoolJarz instead created thinner walled containers that are strong enough not to be used once, but for prolonged amounts of time without worrying about leaching or other quality issues.

Our EcoLite line of packaging isn’t as heavy as other containers. This makes them less costly to transport, and we’re not using up as much material as our competition. These savings go directly to manufacturers and consumers.

Lightweighting Doesn’t Replace Quality

There seems to be a problem with people thinking light weight means lesser quality but in reality, we strive for lighter weight products all the time. We want our laptops to be lightweight, our phones, and even our cars. Do some industries benefit from heavy duty materials? Sure, but not with cannabis.

It’s become apparent in the cannabis industry that sustainability is in the consumer’s mind when purchasing products and we believe that as a whole, this is the direction things are going to go and that’s for the better of the world.

Although our container’s walls are thin they can still provide the service they were made to do: protecting your cannabis products. Our containers and tubes were made with high-grade, polypropylene plastic that is BPA-Free and FDA approved so they are completely reusable for as long as possible and recyclable when you’re done. “Single-Use” has to leave the conversation because many products don’t have to be.

Lightweighting Conclusion

Lightweighting Your Plastic Containers

Lightweighting isn’t going to be the end all solution for a sustainable industry like cannabis but it’s definitely a start. With the cost of cannabis constantly fluctuating for business owners and consumers, the price of packaging is just another important factor to weigh in on for many.

Overall, we believe our EcoLite Line is a simple solution to a complicated problem in the industry and it will make a difference in the overall environmental impact. It’s not going to stop there though. Reusing, Re-purposing, and recycling are important to get the most of these products.

If you’re interested in getting our EcoLite Line of pre roll tubes or cannabis flower bottles and containers, click here! If you have any questions about CoolJarz or our products, feel free to Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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