How To Recycle #5 Plastics

How To Recycle #5 Plastics (1)

Number 5 plastics also known as polypropylene plastics are of the most common for the pre-roll tube and cannabis flower industry. You’ve probably received one of these containers after making a purchase and now wonder “What do I do with this now?”

Well there are a lot of options. Polypropylene is generally one of the safest and strongest plastics out there so it is completely reusable. Just because you’ve finished smoking your flower doesn’t mean you can throw away a perfectly good container.

Although we do recommend repurposing these containers for other cool stuff, recycling is another option on the table. However, you’re probably wondering, where can I recycle these containers? Well, let’s find out.

Where to Recycle Polypropylene Plastics

Due to recent events, finding where to recycle polypropylene has become more complicated than the past but that’s what we’re here for.

Go Local

Our first rule of advice is to check with your local solid waste authority to see if they accept type 5 plastics. You’re going to want to find the most efficient way of recycling your plastics and going local is going to be your best bet. Many cities and towns have their own special rules when it comes to recycling so it’s best to see if yours has their own recycling program for #5 plastics.

Next, we recommend contacting your local groceries or big-box stores to find out if they offer type 5 plastics recycling. Many have recycling receptacles in the parking lot so you can just drive up and dump your sorted plastics. (homeguides.sfgate)

Third Party Programs

Many of the companies you buy from offer recycling of their own containers as well as the containers of other businesses. These programs usually involve you mailing in your plastics to be recycled into these business’s products.

It takes a bit of effort to see whether the product you bought actually recycles. However, websites like team up with a wide range of companies to help recycle their products. Other companies like will take your #5 plastics from any company and recycle them into their own products as well.

Recycling Number 5 Plastics Conclusion

How To Recycle #5 Plastics (1)

Polypropylene plastic is one of the most common plastics in the world. We certainly believe it’s important to know how to recycle it. However, recycling is not the only sustainable option out there. Reducing, re-using and repurposing your plastic containers and packaging can be better choices if recycling isn’t readily available.

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