What is Delta-8 Cannabis?

what is delta 8 cannabis

If you’re in the cannabis industry, the term Delta-8 may have crossed your eyes a few times this week and it’s time to finally find out what the hype is all about. Well although Delta 8 is a huge buzzword at the moment, it’s actually been around for a good amount of time but first let me explain what it is.

Delta-8 or Delta-8 THC is a compound in Hemp plants that produce a similar but less potent effect than the more common Delta-9 THC we are accustomed to ingesting. Now why is a less potent THC a big deal? Well, there are many reasons but the largest one right now is that it’s actually legal in many places traditional marijuana is not.

The Delta-8 Loophole

Although cannabis reform is quickly occurring all around the U.S., in states where recreational marijuana is still illegal, Delta-8 may be the solution to many cannabis business owners. Delta-8 is derived from the hemp plant that does have less restrictions placed on it than its marijuana relative. Additionally, hemp does contain small traces of Delta-9 THC and many governments are quick to make sure that amount doesn’t go over a certain percentage.

However, these laws often only restrict the “Delta-9” substance specifically and leave out those same restrictions for Delta-8. Many cannabis manufacturers and companies have found this loophole and have started selling Delta-8 THC products “legally” where traditional marijuana would usually be outlawed.

Not only that, but many business owners are selling Delta-8 products in lieu of traditional THC to avoid the costly licenses, fees, and taxes often associated with running a legal cannabis dispensary. Whether this loophole will hold up will be a sight to see.

A quick Google search of Delta-8 shows there are Delta-8 products readily online for purchase in forms of hemp flower, edibles, and tinctures.

The Appeal of Delta-8

Aside from the legality of selling and consuming Delta-8 THC, many users even prefer the less potent effects of it to traditional marijuana. Many prefer the mild psychoactive substance saying it brings the euphoria of regular THC, without the paranoia and anxiety. Delta-8 is also often mixed with cannabinoids such as CBD for an even more soothing effect.

Delta-8 Conclusion

what is delta 8 cannabis

Delta-8 has all the buzz right now and whether restrictions and regulations start to become more prevalent or not, I believe it’s still here to stay. Not all cannabis users are looking for extremely high potency marijuana all the time and Delta-8 has definitely developed a niche amongst many consumers.

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