The Best Containers for Delta 8 Cannabis

pre-roll-tubes-for-delta-8-cannabis has a wide variety of delta 8 flower containers for keeping hemp flower packaged in a convenient bottle for carrying. CoolJarz are experts in all things cannabis and hemp packaging, so of course that would include Delta 8.

Obviously, Delta 8 THC is extremely similar to the more popular Delta 9 so the packaging can pretty much be the same between the two. With laws changing around cannabis all the time and with Delta 8’s own laws of their own, you would expect the packaging regulations to be different as well. This is strictly my opinion but, it’ll be better to be safe than sorry when it comes to packaging.

What is Delta 8?

You can say Delta 8 THC is the cousin to the popular Delta 9 THC found in cannabis. There are a few differences between the two but one of the most important ones is that Delta 8 can be found in the hemp plant. This is huge because hemp is less regulated than cannabis and the Delta 8 chemical has less restrictions than its counterpart. Many companies have seen this as an opportunity to work in a market that isn’t so weighed down by rules, regulations, and taxes.

Do I Need Child Resistant Packaging for Delta 8?

With packaging regulations varying between states and countries just for regular cannabis, you can imagine how complicated those rules must be for Delta 8 right now. We’d advise you stick to child-resistant packaging just to be safe.

Although Delta 8 products may not need child-resistant packaging in your area, you never know when that day will come when the laws change and suddenly you do need that child resistance. Not only that but these child-resistant laws are made in the first place to keep children safe and you obviously don’t want a kid to get their hands on your Delta 8 gummies.

Different Dram Container Sizes for Delta 8 Products

Delta 8 dram containers and pop top bottles have the same measurements as regular cannabis flower. Here’s a quick sizing guide for those unfamiliar:

  • A Gram: One of the most common units of measurement for cannabis as well as Delta 8 hemp. This is when the flower weighs 1 gram. For customers not willing to spend much or need much. A gram equates to about 1-4 joints depending on the size of the paper. Some customers will buy a couple grams of flower instead springing for an eighth so larger containers that can hold more than a gram will be more convenient.
  • An Eighth: An eighth refers to 1/8th of an ounce or 3.5 grams. Many regular smokers will purchase an eighth so keeping containers in stock should be a priority.
  • A Quarter: Twice the amount of an eighth, 7 grams.
    • Best container Size: 30 Dram bottle
  • A Half: Twice the amount of a quarter. 14 grams.
    • Best Container Size: 60 Dram container
  • Ounce: Twice the amount of a half, 28 grams. Many states prohibit carrying more than an ounce on hand without a license so you most likely won’t be distributing more than this amount at any given time.
    • Best Container Size: Two 60 Dram Containers

We don’t currently have any containers that will fit a full ounce so we recommend either using two 60 dram containers or using one of our 105 dram containers which holds about 3/4 quarters of an ounce and a 30 dram.


There you have it! You now know what a dram is and which dram containers you’ll likely need for distributing your Delta 8 hemp flower. Delta 8 is a new and popping industry so you’ll want to be prepared with quality packaging.

If you’re looking to get Dram Containers or pre-roll tubes for your Delta 8 business, check out If you have any questions about cannabis or Delta 8 hemp packaging, vape oil cartridges, or just about anything we do, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help.

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