Marijuana Packaging Acquires and their IP’s


A&A Global strikes deal with Aphecal Enterprises

According, Boyne Capital Partners’ portfolio company A&A Global Imports also known as has acquired Aphecal Enterprises Inc.’s Both of whom, are high-profile players in the cannabis packaging industry. From our own speculation, this move is one made to generate more American Made assets for the company’s packaging supply. With a majority of the industry outsourcing their supply of packaging from countries such as China, the future of that route remains uncertain and this move could help soften the blow if foreign supply chain problems continue to worsen.

Squeezetops® in New Hands

In this deal, it is presumed that MarijuanaPackaging also acquires 420 Packaging’s intellectual property related to their popular Squeezetops® line of child-resistant containers as well as their website. Now, already has a very strong web presence and website. What’s important is the Squeezetubes® child-resistant line. With the idea of national legalization just around the corner, the lax monitoring of certified child-resistant containers can become a thing of the past.  

According to the article posted by, “A&A is committed to pursuing strategic acquisitions where it can leverage its robust supply chain and marketing expertise to drive growth. Aphecal is a prime example of an opportunity where A&A can bring more products to more customers at market leading pricing.”

Judging by this statement, this acquisition by A&A most likely won’t be their last as they continue to add smaller assets to cover any holes under their current model.


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