Small Hinged-lid Containers Available at CoolJarz


CoolJarz Packaging has released a new line of small flip-lid containers available for purchase as of 3/24/2022. These hinged-lid containers serve as a convenient all-in-one solution for easily storing small products without the worry of losing its cap. The line is meant to be an expansion set of containers for products that do not require a child-resistance certification and are therefore easier to open.

The small hinged-lid containers come in over 60 different shapes and sizes and some even come with an attached hang-tab for easier product display. All of the containers are made in USA at the CoolJarz Southern California facility. The move opens opportunities for CoolJarz to work with more industries in need of American manufactured products as supply chain costs continue to rise.

Laboratories, engineering companies, and the hardware industry could be great candidates for this new line of containers. Even the alternative cannabis scene could possibly benefit from the containers as we’ve seen with states that have not required child-resistant packaging for cannabinoids such as CBD or Delta 8.

With smaller packaging companies either getting bought out by larger corporate entities or outsourcing their manufacturing overseas, CoolJarz remains one of the few independently owned injection mold companies in California.

If you’re looking for small plastic hinged-lid containers, they are currently available for purchase at

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