The Appeal of RAW Cones and Paper

raw papers

I am one of the worst joint rollers I’ve ever seen. I have shaky hands, I’m watching a joint rolling tutorial a few minutes beforehand, and I’m probably not putting enough or too much weed to even start out. Nevertheless, every time I do roll a joint, I do get a certain therapeutic sensation from completing these simple steps no matter how awkwardly it happens.

Of course with so many different ways to consume weed, rolling a joint or even using a pre-rolled cone, has definitely taken a back seat to methods more convenient to me most of the time. I pretty much grew up smoking out of just about anything else; One, because I never had a lot of weed to roll, and two, I couldn’t buy papers.

However, I am now a full-fledged functioning adult with plenty of weed available and I’d like to see the 7-11 cashier try to deny me my RAW Rolling Papers.

What Makes RAW Papers so Good?

I’ve always liked RAW papers. First, because they were one of my first experiences with rolling papers and second, they were always simple enough for a no-frills classic smoke session. The other options available either looked like I was smoking ink or tobacco in some way which never appealed to me. More rolling options had a plethora of fruity flavors, which I’m not against, but sometimes I do just want that pure cannabis taste. Also, I think the RAW papers have a certain sweet taste to them in themselves.

raw papers
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RAW papers are thin but they don’t burn too quickly, which can often be a problem with other papers as they’ll burn faster than weed and end up destroying the joint. You may also just smoke all your weed too quickly. I also enjoy how RAW joints feel because you can almost just feel the texture of the weed within.

Rolling RAW Papers and RAW Cones

Now, because of my lack of experience rolling, I am not good at it by any means but this fact does not stop me. Rolling papers are simple enough for just about anyone to do but there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to joint quality and just how long it’ll take you to roll it. If I’m by myself, this is usually no problem as I’ll have all the time in the world.

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If I’m with others, I’m definitely passing the job over to someone who knows what they’re doing. Now, although the classic papers are fine and definitely the most cost-efficient way of rolling joints. For someone who is just bad at rolling or is in a rush, I would recommend RAW pre-rolled cones.

RAW cones are great because they take the most technical part of rolling out of the equation and you only have to fill them with your grinded flower. There are plenty of ways to do this as well, but because I like efficiency, I just bought a manual RAW cone filler, which cost me about 9 dollars and it makes the process even easier for the perfect joint every time.

RAW Cone Sizes

RAW has a large variety of cone sizes from half joints all the way to blunts as large as your arm but most people probably aren’t going that far. I’ve included a chart below for reference.

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These sizes range from conveniently small to comically large but I think the most common sizes are the 98 SPECIAL 98mm and KINGSIZE 109mm. Most cannabis brands will package the KINGSIZE into a 116mm pre-roll tube and the 98 SPECIAL into a 98mm tube as well. Whether you prefer smoking multiple blunts or a one really big one is mostly up to you but it definitely feels cooler smoking a gigantic cone but the smaller ones are probably more practical.

RAW Papers and Cones Conclusion

So there you go. RAW papers definitely have a staple within the cannabis industry, culture, and community, but they also have one in my heart.

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