Most Popular Rolling Papers and Wraps


Zig Zags – French Orange Rolling Papers

zig zag rolling papers orange

Eminem opens a song with “I sit back with this pack of ZigZags” and it becomes one of the hardest references to rolling papers ever to start off a song and it really sets the tone of smoking when you’re down bad. Zig Zags are reliable, inexpensive, and they get the job done, which can really be some of the most important things you need out of a rolling paper.

White Owls – Cigarillos

white owl grape cigarillos

The first in a long list of tobacco cigars that aren’t going to be smoked as tobacco cigars. White Owls are the alternative choice to more prominent blunt wraps. I will go into more detail about the popularity of fruity cigars when it comes weed but just know White Owls are for the person that zags when everyone else zigs. The white grape is pretty nice too.

Dutch Master’s – Cigarillos

dutch masters russian cream

A lot like Cigarillos and Swisher’s, Dutches are flavored tobacco cigarillos people gut for their wraps. Dutch Master’s are great for smoother dessert-type flavors. They have a vanilla flavor, chocolate, and even a Russian cream. If you want your smoking experience to kind be like you’re drinking coffee, Dutch Master’s can be your go-to.

Swisher Sweets – Classic Cigarillos

swisher sweets grape cigarillos

The mainstream White Owl. Swisher Sweets are the blueprint in the culture. Smoking weed in Swishers is a classic practice and still one of my favorite methods. A little history: Swisher Cigarillos are small tobacco cigars with various flavors to them such as grape, peach, and even a tropical punch. The papers themselves generally have sweet flavors to them. Now, these aren’t just wraps. These are actual cigars but somewhere down the line, everybody started gutting the tobacco out of them and using the remaining wraps for blunts. The origins of this method are likely to have come from the Caribbean over a hundred years ago so this is nothing new.

Swisher’s today really embraces their ties to cannabis even as a tobacco company. They know a large portion of their demographic isn’t buying their product for the tobacco and their branding has really become a part of weed culture.

Backwoods – Cigars

backwoods honey berry cigars

Another cigar brand that works great for blunts, Backwoods are the veteran’s choice for blunt wraps. Everybody I know that smokes Backwoods, are going to let you know they smoke Backwoods and get that other stuff out of here. I think they’re harder to roll compared to Swishers and Owls, but once you’ve learned how it becomes as easy as anything else.

King Palm – Pre-Rolled Cones

Finally, a tobacco-free alternative to classic blunt wraps. King Palm wraps are flavored wraps made from palm leaves. King Palm has wraps in all sorts of flavors from watermelon to chocolate cake all without a remnant of tobacco. If there were to be an abandonment on tobacco blunt wraps, I am sure King Palm’s palm cones would lead the way.

RAW – Rolling Papers

raw papers

I’ve always liked RAW papers. First, because they were one of my first experiences with rolling papers and second, they were always simple enough for a no-frills classic smoke session. The other options available either looked like I was smoking ink or tobacco in some way which never appealed to me. More rolling options had a plethora of fruity flavors, which I’m not against, but sometimes I do just want that pure cannabis taste. Also, I think the RAW papers have a certain sweet taste to them in themselves.


There are many wrap options for blunts and joints as well as factors that smokers take into account when choosing their favorites. Sometimes you just enjoy the flavor of the wrap or other times it’s just what you’ve always smoked. Either way, despite all the options there are to consuming weed, blunts and joints seem to be here to stay.

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