Tamper Evident Shrink Bands and Shrink Sleeve Labels

tamper evident shrink bands

Tamper evident shrink bands are an easy, and often required, way of sealing your cannabis product packaging to ensure they have not been priorly touched. Tamper evident shrink bands are used in a variety of industries but they are especially important within cannabis in order to stay compliant with many state laws.

Tamper evident bands also give your consumers peace of mind knowing that you’re a reparable company that cares about your product’s quality and your customer’s safety. Tamper evident bands can keep your product fresher by creating a tighter seal that could prevent air from escaping or liquids and debris from getting in.

Inexpensive Cannabis Product Security and Compliance

In addition to providing a secure way to protect your product, tamper-evident shrink bands provide an attractive and clean appearance to your packaging. Security bands are also inexpensive, you can easily get thousands of tamper-evident bands for your products for just a couple of cents each.

The superior version of tamper-evident shrink bands are shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeve labels have all of the same benefits and properties as shrink bands but these are built right into the label of the product and can fit seamlessly into the product’s branding.

Shrink sleeve labels work and act just like tamper-evident bands but are printed with the product’s overall branding in mind. Shrink sleeve labels usually have a perforated tear towards the lid of the product that is necessary to remove in order to access the product within.


Where to get Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands and Shrink Sleeve Labels

To find inexpensive tamper-evident shrink bands or tamper-evident shrink sleeve labels for your cannabis products, they are available for wholesale at online dispensary and cannabis supply stores such as CoolJarz.com. Here it is possible to design tamper evident shrink-sleeve labels and get them printed all in one place.

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